Change in [my] art[work]

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the following subject is very deep and has numerous facts. I have attempted to elucidate a few of them. I love many of your drawings (color ones). And I am in love with your paintings, the ones I have at … Continued

The Jewish Painter and Avodah Zarah

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A painter comes to realize that there is line and then shape. Line traces the train of thought. Shape is at first a thinking of line until it becomes so broad as to cause the line to be forgotten. For … Continued

mesiras nefesh

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…middle of painting “Aitz Chaim”. It seems that the artwork has become like Torah. Like life as a Jew. Have to bring myself to point where I choose a form of Mesirat Nefesh. In the heart, in the consciousness, there … Continued

in simple

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The essential thing that was created, that is: in the creation of the universe by the Borei, Yisborach, is bechira—free choice of man. The essential avodah of man, the goal to which he must strive, is to return this free … Continued

good taste

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It seems benificial to write the following: the quality of coventional art can be summarized thus: a good painting is like a good meal. That is, no matter the subject or approach, etc. that which makes an artwork better than … Continued

“fallen fears”

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  בס”ד The vast majority of people are far from my artwork*. This is because people’s thought are far from spiritual matters; they are occupied all day long with only matters of this world, may Hashem have mercy. Even those … Continued

two paths

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There are two directions one can take when he sets out to make a picture. 1: he can compose something nice looking. As one would arrange oneself in front of the mirror, to appear acceptable, nice, etc. to the world, … Continued

kaballah and art

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1 The only thing that is important is emes. If emes be the hardest thing to truly find, nevertheless only emes matters, only emes is worth striving for. The kaballah, being the innermost aspect of the Holy Torah, is the … Continued

true wisdom

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The study of the Torah affords the Jew with the opportunity to awaken himself to the aquisition of true wisdom. If one has been involved in secular wisdom, he may, at first, and even for an extended period of time, think … Continued

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