We have to stop lying to ourselves. Step by step. First, stop lying so much. Next, stop lying a little more, etc. We don’t have to be so afraid not to lie. We’re afraid because we glimpse the truth, that we are so naked spiritually and we don’t want others to see. So we pretend we are not naked.

But if we trusted in G-d … behold, we are taught that even the slightest movement on our parts towards Hashem and His mitzvos is rewarded and cherished by Him. So what is a little embarrassment in front of flesh and blood compared to that? And don’t we think that Hashem could even spare us that little embarrassment also if we asked?

So what’s so difficult about wanting the truth? We’re surrounded by G-d’s kindnesses everywhere and in everything. The whole world is full of His glory. He gave us His Holy Torah, to which nothing can be compared; is there something we’re lacking? Is there something good He doesn’t do for us?  Has He ever let us down? Has He ever not kept one of His promises?

We have one thing that separates us from the evil of the world. That is the truth.  We have the true G-d, the true Torah. When we drink the waters of Torah it quenches our thirst. They have a false god, a false torah. When they drink its waters they remain thirsty, or worse.

featured painting:

ברוך גוזר ומקיים

(מברוך שאמר)

Blessed is He who decrees and fulfills.

(From the Morning prayers)

Oil on canvas ציור שמן


45 cm. x 55 cm.