Every reflection, for instance the reflection in a mirror , impresses upon the viewer’s soul the existence of another world, of the spiritual worlds, which are the source of this world. Because the soul walks through this world and senses in everything that he encounters that everything contains a remez, an allusion to a higher reality, everything in this world being as a branch of a higher root, a higher reality; when one sees a “reflection” this impresses upon his soul this reality which he is always sensing: here it is before me: we see that there is a “similar partner.” Artwork is the same inyan (matter) as the reflection, as I have explained elsewhere.( see the post: “art is a reflection of the world” but the matter still requires elucidation. May Hashem help.)

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אסתכל באוריתא וברא עלמא

(זהר, תרומה קס”א)

Hashem looked into the Torah and created the world

(Zohar, Trumah 161a)

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


70 cm. x 100 cm.

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