Someone attached truly to the Rebbe, z”l, (Rabenu HaKodosh, Nachal Noveya, Makor Chachmah, Rebbe Nachman Of Breslov, of blessed memory, may his merit gaurd us) is able to live a full emotional life, a life as a fully feeling human being. (This is why my paintings have full emotional content.) Other Jews, have limited intellectual calim, and therefore, as their feelings cannot overcome the calim of their intellect, therefore their feelings are stunted and compressed. But the Rebbe, z”l, gives a person such large intellectual calim which can contain a full emotional being. (Thus before I came to Torah my painting collapsed as I hadn’t almost any intellectual calim to contain the great emotion of a full being that I was. And after I came to Torah I had to stop painting because my intellectual calim were being built and still couldn’t contain my emotional self. I started painting again after having acquired some large intellectual calim, but the painting was, at first, restricted somewhat. Only afterwards, I became closer to the Rebbe, z”l, and gained large intellectual calim to contain and allow expression of a full emotional life, Baruch Hashem!)


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