Every person’s deepest desire is truly only to do Hashem’s will faithfully and fully and to serve Him faultlessly. One really wishes to see Hashem’s goodness in everything and in everyone. To connect oneself with this desire and to have it operate and direct one’s path in life, this is the difficulty and challenge in our lives.

Yet, the first step on this path is always to remind oneself of this truth, that one’s true deep desire is only to serve Hashem completely, etc., as above. This step alone is a great acheivement.

And when we stumble or veer from the path our job is simply to stand ourselves up upon it again a second time, and a third, etc.


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digitally adjusted drawing

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  1. Hi David
    Your work is awesome. I too am a Jewish painter and often reflect on that, although I rarely use any Jewish themes. About 10 years ago after a work induced hiatus, my art , my Muse, God spoke to me and I painted differently, all from within and healed my long suffering soul to carry on. It continues to be a long suffering soul but I carry it in a different way.
    My work went from autobiographical to a world perspective, animal activism, etc.,seeking to change the world. I identify with your conception that its more about the inside world , finding the spiritual essence. Maybe finding you and your work will change my POV, I feel it has.
    I always felt I was a Jewish painter, much like your story. Thanks. This was a gift because I have no idea how I came to your site. Mazel Tov!
    Did I say your work is great, moving and does what you say it does.

  2. thank you very much, Barb, for your words of appreciation, for your response, and for letting me know a bit about you. I thank Hashem, Yisborach, that He brought you to my site, and that you found happiness in what He did for you. May He continue to guide you to your true destiny and may you rejoice in His salvations!
    all the best.
    David Baruch (let me know if I can be of any help.)

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