The ten plagues in Mitzriam were not simply a matter of punishing the Mitzriim and bringing them to release the Jews. This is evidenced by the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. And clearly in a possuk: the purpose of the plagues: l’ma’an t’sapair…that we should speak to our children of the wonders of Hashem.
Additionally we can understand the 10 plagues as a preparation for the nation of Israel to seperate themselves from the spiritual filth of Mitzriam in which they were imbedded. Similar to the 49 days of purification which were required upon their release from Mitzaim in order to be fit to receive the Torah on Har Sinai, we can learn that also they needed 10 months of plagues to escape the spiritual darkness they were immersed in there.
A person who is the depths of spiritual darkness, suffers most deeply from the fact that he doesn’t know that he is in darkness. (this is the matter of ‘hester betoch hester’ as explained in Likutey Moharon, siman 56, see there).
A Jew that is far from Hashem and from Torah doesn’t know what he is lacking or even if he is lacking. Hashem, Yisborah, works with each Jew, wherever he may be, in whatever spiritual state he is, all of his life, offering him insights as to how to return to Him.

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