Some are surprised: Why Torah with Modern art? Simple. Torah is pertinent in every generation. Even more so: Torah that is relevant to today is Torah truly. Torah that is in a form relevant to past generations is not truly Torah—for Hashem is alive today, certainly; that means that the Torah exists today, in today’s world, in the forms of today’s world. This position of mine has many facets and need to be explained fully. But simply I can say that I want to show that Torah is alive and cogent and is powerful and potent and at it’s full strength even in the forms of today’s world—of artistic modes that express violence, disorder,emptiness, heresy, lack of meaning, disgust, rebellion, revolt, insanity, incongruity, contradiction, distrust, anxiety, uncertainty, revulsion, anger, distrust, disgust, egotistic, debased, debauched, profane, decadent, crude, thoughtless, incompetence, rudeness, obnoxiousness, hatred, animalistic, barbarian, inane, bane and base, obsessiveness, delusional, filthy…all the lower aspects of man and the breakdown of society and morals, all the despair and pain that has happened in history, and all that art has sought to capture of it and expose of it, express it and even create it, all of this Torah reigns over, rides over, prospers despite, even prospers in, shines through, extracts all the beauty and the good from, all the hidden holiness from, the Torah is unperturbed by all of it’s enemies, more, it even harnesses all the powers and transforms them into vessels and a chariot for her glory.

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