<span lang='en'>Representational Art and the Soul</span>

Pictorialzation in art-making: All art-making at it’s outset is ‘abstract’, that is: non-representational. For the beginning is always a point and then a line; and a point and a line have no reference outside of themselves. According to the quality and strength and sensitivity of the imagination of the artist, he almost immediately begins to […]

<span lang='en'>Piercing cry from the depths of darkness</span>

“Man prepares his heart and Hashem gives him a language to speak in” (see Proverbs 16:1). The shape of one’s life is formed and characterized by the language in which he speaks. One’s speech reveals his thoughts, one’s thoughts are where a person resides, his home, and therefore his speech is a picture of his […]

<span lang='en'>בגדי חול של משיח</span>

(זהר תצא ר”פ) והוא מחולל מפשעינו (ישעי’, נ”ג:ה’)—דאיתעבד חֹל בגיניהו. מקודם כתבתי מזוית אחד על ענין זה, שגלוי הצדיקים בכלל והמשיח בפרט תלוי בזכות הדור, שהם מכינים כלים להלביש קדושתם. כאן רצוני לבאר, בס”ד, פן אחרת בענין, שעצם כל דבר שבקדושה מוצא התנגדות גדולה בעולם הזה. לבאר. כי לקדושה להתגלות בעולם הזה, הרי הקליפות רודפות […]

<span lang='en'>Everyone Is an Artist.</span>

Everyone is an artist. All that one does, says and thinks are all precisely etched on great canvases in Heaven. As it says in the Mishnah: Rebbe said:… Know what is above you, an eye that sees , and an ear that hears, and all your deeds are written in a book. (Avos 2:1) It […]

<span lang='en'>Introduction to the subject: Human creativity and G-d</span>

There are many important words to be written in regards to the subject of human creativity and its relation to the Creator of all, Blessed is He, but one must foremostly be well established in his outlook and understanding of his purpose in life; at least, the fundamentals of truth must be understood and accepted […]