The truth doesn’t change. No matter what people will do with it. Disguise it. Cover it. Distort it, etc. it cannot be changed and will always remain pure and untouched. Rather, hidden, not seen in the world, not apparent, etc.

This is why Art is a problem. Pictures. For they also appear not to change. This is why the principle Avodah Zara is in Art.

Therefore one must become a master at recognizing illusions (for Art only appears not to change). Thus Avraham Avinu  a”h wrote 400 chapters on Avodah Zara. He was a master of seeing behind illusions. The first master at recognizing truth.

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אני מאמין באמונה שלמה שהבורא יתברך שמו אינו גוף ולא ישיגוהו משיגי הגוף ואין לו שום דמיון כלל

(מי”ג עיקרים של הרמב”ם ז”ל)

I believe with complete faith that the Creator, Blessed is His Name, is not physical and is not affected by physical phenomena, and there is no comparison whatsoever to Him.

(from the 13 Principles of the Rambam, z”l)

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


50 x 70 cm.