There is a vast difference between one who serves Hashem, Yisborach starting from the understanding of פירוד, separation; that he is here below and Hashem is infinitely High Above, and always I must start to try to connect myself to Him, whether it be in Tefilla or in the performance of Mitzvoth, or in learning Torah, in all situations I start from the position of separation and somehow I must find a way to connect; there is a vast difference between such an outlook from the outlook in which I begin always with the supposition and awareness that I am initially connected and bound with Hashem Yisborach, and yet there are forces of the Sitre Achre which are relentlessly seeking to sever me from Him, that seek to bar from me the perception of His closeness and of my initial attachment to Him, to impress upon me my unworthiness of such attachment because of the multitude of my sins and the vast abyss that my faults divide between me and Him, etc. etc.

For in the שורש, in the root, תקבה וישראל חד הוא and נשמתי חלק אקוה ממעל, we are absolutely one with HaKadosh Baruch Hu; even though our bodies are here in this world, which is a world of פירוד, of so-called separation from its Source. Nevertheless, in truth, the separation is only “so-called”, for in truth we are entirely connected to our highest root from which we emanate. (The entire Creation, even the kleipot, is also inextricably bound with Him, as there is no existence that does not stem from Him, no life besides Him.)

Admittedly the forces of the Sitre Achre are strong indeed and succeed to blind most people, nearly entirely, from the fact that they are connected inextricably with the Source of all existence, Yisborach. Nevertheless, against the Sitre Achre, Hashem Yisborach, in boundless mercy, revealed His Torah of truth to man, and through the Torah man can understand the true nature of reality that he is one with Hashem from the beginning of his existence and can guard himself against the ploys of the Other One to sever him from the truth, his Source.

To look at oneself from the outlook of separation, saying: “firstly I know my body and this world and next I try to connect to the Spiritual”, this is to accept Falsehood on its first premise, and forever remain in its grip. To say to the Sitre Achre: “no! I am a neshama before I am a body, I am connected to the Highest Root, I start from a position of closeness, of attachment, only that you fiercely oppose me with your wiles”, this is true דבקות to Hashem, of which we are commanded several times in the Torah: ללכת בכל דרכיו ולדבקה בו (דברים יא:כב), לאהבה את ד‘…ולדבקה בו (שם ל‘:כ‘), אתו תעבד ובו תדבק(שם י‘:כ‘), ואתו תעבדו ובו תדבקון (שם יג:ה‘), and through the strength of this attachment no evil can befall him.

Similarly with one’s fellow Jew. One can start from the outlook of separation: שלי שלי ושלך שלך, I am unto myself, and you are another. I will try to connect myself with you. Or one can start from the understanding that in our source we stem from one Neshama, that we are bound together with our Creator, קבה וישראל חד הוא. I am attached to you, my fellow Jew, as my arm is attached to my torso, we are two limbs of the same body; only the forces of evil seek ferociously to sever me from you.

If we begin connected and firmly resolve to remain connected against any and all enemies to that connection we will certainly succeed, and בעהי see גאולה שלמה במהרה בימינו.


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