Piercing cry from the depths of darkness

“Man prepares his heart and Hashem gives him a language to speak in” (see Proverbs 16:1). The shape of one’s life is formed and characterized by the language in which he speaks. One’s speech reveals his thoughts, one’s thoughts are where a person resides, his home, and therefore his speech is a picture of his […]

Inviting Inward

A viewer of an art work is lead by the artist’s work, to see what the artist wishes him to see and in the way that he wishes him to see it. I maintain that essentially all artworks are an offering to another to look into the world of the artist, into his inner being. […]

Reaching Out

An artist is often so deeply involved in himself and in bringing forth his expressions for which he has dedicated his entire life and being; such that, as far as the sale of his works goes, this may not occupy his attention almost at all; and if it does, it does namely in the aspect […]