Emunah T’munah Jewish Israeli Art Book ספר אמונה טמונה

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“I promise that this sefer will open minds and hearts and gladden the spirit of all those who ponder its pages” – David Baruch Wolk, the artist.



Jewish Israeli modern art book

Love modern Jewish art? Looking for the perfect gift? Want a Jewish coffee table book of oil paintings by a top artist in Israel?


Sefer EMUNAH T’MUNAH is just for you! Enjoy 96 pages of an incredible soul-searching journey of faith, kabbalah, inspiration and beautiful Jewish art!

(If you wish to view the sefer, press here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0luuyo7fvy31fwn/sefer_emuna_tmuna.pdf?dl=0


1 review for Emunah T’munah Jewish Israeli Art Book ספר אמונה טמונה

  1. Chana G.

    Hi, my name is Chana. I live near Ramat Gan in Israel. I have to say that this Kabbalistic-style modern Jewish art book, Emunah Temunah, is such a wonderful addition to a Jewish home. It brings light to the living room. Guests enjoy reading it and it sparks many a philosophical discussion. You should be matzliach!

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