I have just bought one of your wonderful paintings on “American fine art” , (just a print), this is just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your art, and to know if one day In Israel I can see the original ones in your studio. Your paintings really and deeply touch me.

Grazie from Rome.

I was watching his artworks and wrote this: Extremely deep and abstract expression of the soul elevated, supported by the creation of art, letters that are numbers, and colors that are codes, demonstrating the loftiest heights of human thought when is guided by the divine power, up to the most intricate design of the universe that was given to us as a gift, as a curiosity undeserved, by the Great Architect of the universal creation who said; ” I will wait for You until your gray hair”. (quoted from the Torah)

Eli Shaúl Ben Abvraham.

I must tell you that your artistic work is amazing – if you were to exhibit your paintings anywhere near New York, I would like to know about it – if you have a catalog, I would like to purchase it -may peace and good fortune pursue you all the days of your life – B”E”H.”

-Salamon Davis, New York, USA

Dear Mr. Wolk:

It was a pleasure to meet you, to talk.

I am grateful for your art work, which clearly goes beyond being merely beautiful to look at, but evokes the sparks of Torah you incorporated within each piece. My home, my office will be enriched by your work, as will all who look at it.

I read the English file you sent me. (The Hebrew goes beyond my skills and time availability, at this time.) I would say that you are writing about the essence of man, his place in this world, his relationship with Hashem. The interweaving of art history, the works of other artists, and art as a medium of Torah is minimally “very important”, if not breaking new ground or, better, revealing another of the shivim panim laTorah. I am not aware of anyone else engaged in this work and I encourage you to develop it. You bring a unique perspective, living in both worlds, and bringing them into harmony.

Dr. Michael Kaplowitz, New York, USA

Congratulations on your work. I’ve been looking for art representing our religion for so long, and I found your work.

Danielle Amsallem, Paris, France

Thank you for showing me your wonderful artwork. Very Jewish imagery without a doubt. I have seen your work in other places and have always been uplifted and impressed by it. It is a wonderful contribution to our Jewish culture and inspiration.

Devora Piha, “Art teacher with a special touch who brings out more than just skills in your children.”

Author of “Art for Jewish Children”, Ramat Alef Bet Shemesh, Israel

As a satisfied customer I see inspiration and hope when I look at your paintings. Gazing at the holy letters and pasukim allow me to change my focus and come closer to “truth” and emuna during these scary times (as part of our galus).

Nechama Berg, Telshestone, Israel

I am fascinated by the depth of your work

Bryna La, artist, Baltimore Maryland, USA

I always like your complex interesting work.!!!……….

William Madog. Lawrenceville NJ, USA

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that my picture is framed and hanging in my new home.

It is difficult to describe what I feel every time I have the privilege to watch the picture, in general and in detail I can be translated to peace and I can feel a great satisfaction! Is simply beautiful! 

-Lazaro Stern, Florida, USA

The energy and respect in your work are both contagious. Beautiful.

Rosy Hall, Melbourne, Australia

Your work is stunning – it feels old and new at the same time. It touches this secular Jew deeply. 

Laurie Tsemak, Vancouver BC, Canada

Rav Dovid


Thank you for bringing so much light to the world

Chaim Lazar, Beit Shemesh, Israel

Really beautiful work. The emotions and inspiration behind the artwork is inspiring! 

Chani Judowitz, illustrator and graphic designer, Jerusalem, Israel

As usual, beautiful to the eye…beneficial to the soul…thank you for the bridges you are building for me and countless others David Baruch Wolk by using and sharing the gifts HaShem has given you.

Gloria Moreno

response to viewing the painting: “Eternal Happiness”:

It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of expressionism simply fantastic it really does make you feel happy!

Julie Amos, UK


[David] Baruch, as you know, bSeter Elyion also translates as “In the Hidden Realm of the One Above.” As such, you’ve given us a multi-hued mystery to ponder, of our relationship to the universe and to its Creator…

Joseph Levine, artist. Philadelphia, PA, USA

Wow! I wish I could do something like this.. amazing! There’s so much to look at, it’s so interesting! 

Mary Abadi, artist

Wonderful visually, wonderful ‘lesson’…

I’m fascinated with your process to the fruition of your thoughts, and with your innate artistic talent…

Wonderfully complex and beautiful Torah Art

Beautiful, deeply moving, exciting painting and so interesting Biblical description

David, you have the most beautiful body of work, and a wonderful bio.

Vivian Anderson, artist, Mosman NS-Australia

Very detailed expression… U do.!!…………….great mind set and focus to do so.!!!…………… this.!!……………..

This is very inspiring to me David……………… stuff.!!………………………..

Allen n Lehman, artist, Langhorne PA, USA

*Dear Mr Wolk

I will need to set aside a lot more time to do your post justice.

I have managed to get a look at most of it, albeit briefly.

I’m absolutely in awe!

I would love to see a copy of the book.

Would you be willing for me to bring over my students to have a look at your work and to give them some inspiration?

Wishing you much success. I am sure that whoever is fortunate to see the book will be uplifted and inspired.

Kind Regards


*Dear Reb Wolk

I just want to take a few minutes “off” to tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing your recent postings of your work. I never saw abstract art as anything much beyond the decorative or as an art history kind of statement. I found it devoid of real meaning even if it was aesthetically intriguing. You are the first person whose works I’ve come to respect and appreciate.

*Very meaningful. Your integrity is very inspiring and beautiful  – just as one would expect from that which is created and said with pure motivation and a focus on truth.

Caryn Yavin, artist, Israel

Beautiful! What a kiddush Hashem.

Not only does your artwork elevate a mundane activity, it beautifies Judaism. It is like singing praises to Hashem with a brush!

David Weissman

Hi R Dovid,

the more I look at the painting the more impressed I am with your work, tremendous level of detail and control put in the painting, and it feels nothing is for no reason, really becho derachecha daehu like we said,

Kol hakavod and I really enjoy it, and I am sure this in one of those infinite paintings that are “alive” revealing always more of itself,

Amazing work, thank you very much!

Kol tuv

Rafael Schuster