The Jew has to think and ponder and contemplate and see how much HaKadosh Baruch Hu bothers himself, so to speak, for the Jew, how much He troubles Himself , so to speak, so that every single possible detail of the Jew’s existence should be the ultimate good in every aspect. Not just his spiritual self and his life in the World to Come, but He also troubles Himself, Blessed is He, that it should be the ultimate good in this world and for his physical self. The Jew must look into this deeply, all that he can, and this will bring him to serve Hashem with all his being, and there is no end to this searching for there is no end the extent to which Hashem, Yisborach extends Himself, so to speak, to give each of His children the absolute best; inconceivable to our dim perceptions, but in any case the more we contemplate, etc. the more we find and see; and the pity that is upon the Jew who doesn’t do such activity is such an extremely unbearable pity, may Hashem have mercy.

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Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


30 cm. x 90 cm.