A person gains a great amount of inner peace from understanding that the essential thing that is asked of him at any moment is to recognize that Hashem is in absolute control of everything. There are an awesome amount of decisions that one is confronted with through each day, and he must choose to the best of his ability.  He should realize that the biggest mistake he can make is to think that somehow he is alone in his choice. The most important aspect of every choice is the understanding that he is choosing to recognize the complete providence of Hashem. Man’s arrogance is what separates him from his success. When a person sees that he is nothing and that Hashem is everything he is choosing the path of life, all wisdom and success are found there. Since there is really but one choice in life, not to worry, rather to trust, one can without too much difficulty guide his way through life, he can train himself to look for and find Hashem Who is with him, in every instance. Since Hashem is all there is and there is nothing besides Him (except falsehood, illusion);  this active choosing of Emunah is actively choosing truth, life and blessing.

featured painting:

בא חבקוק והעמידו על אחת

(סוף מסכת מכות)

Came Habakuk and established (all the Mitzvos) on one (principle: The righteous live on emunah)

(Talmud Bavli, Tractate Makkos)

Oil on canvas ציור שמן


50 x 50 cm.