Even a very small negative feeling in the heart is a serious problem, and until all the negative feelings are removed one is not out of danger. Whether it be negative feelings towards another or towards Hashem, Yisborach and His providence over us, or even negative feelings towards ourselves; any negative feeelings whatsoever that have lodged themselves in one’s heart–they are mortally dangerous.

To what can the matter be compared? It can be compared to the engine of an automobile, a perfect engine of the highest quality, beyond anything that has been produced. Enters into this engine even the smallest particle of foreign material. The outcome is already understood to anyone who is wise. Perhaps it will be years before the malfunctioning of the engine begins to be noticed, depending on the size and nature of the foreign matter, but even before it is noticed the functioning of the engine is not as it is made to be. And the end of the story, Heaven forbid, is a total breakdown.

Although one who listens closely to the murmurings in his heart and gaurds it carefully at all times, checking it constantly to see that it is sound and healthy and leading him in the right direction; it should be that this person will detect when something foreign has entered his heart. To return to the anology of the car engine, one should be able to hear if the engine is not running smoothly. Unfortunately one can find himself constantly driving in traffic that is full of noisy cars, a multitude of cars with various engine problems, large and small. Simple: he will not detect his own abberations among such tumult. And even if he separates himself, as he should, and drives along barren roads alone; still he may not at all detect the strange substances which have attached themselves to his engine. For it is likely that he has never heard the sound of a healthy engine in his life; never heard the quiet sound of a heart free of negativity.

There no recourse except to ask for Heavenly mercy. May the Merciful One answer us on the day we call!

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