My art can be analogized as follows: there are pages torn from an extremely holy Sefer. These pages are scattered in a desert, partly buried, partly revealed under the shifting sands. The desert is hundreds of miles from civilization and no person every walks there. This fact I know is true. How the pieces of art of mine that do reach peoples eyes and houses, how this occurs, this I do not know.


 In Midrash Talpiot it is stated that on the eve of redemption the Jewish People will flee to the desert for forty days. Perhaps this is relevant.


It seems to me that some of these pages are carried by either winds or birds into, or close to, civilized regions, and there they are gathered by those who search, in part, for Hashem, Yisobrach. Much of the text is transformed and blurred in the process and thus they appear as colorful artworks.

featured image:

pencil on paper 14.8 cm. x 21 cm.

אות אל”ף

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