It seems that all my art can be described as extending from the moment of reflection that is fitting to take from time to time admidst learning of the Torah. Moments of reflection to summarize in one’s thoughts what he has just learned. To let the mind rest, refresh and recompose itself, and to see how the limud had settled in one’s heart. Also moments to rejoice in one’s lot, that one has merited to learn Hashem’s Holy Torah and to advance in his learning, to come closer to Hashem, Yisborach. Also moments to restrengthen oneself in yirat shmayim, and to remove from myself unwanted desires and elements, and these moments to reflect on one’s position as a whole—what it is to be learning Torah, to be serving Hashem, to be alive?

These moments of pause, these are the starting points of each and every one of my artworks.


featured image:

שכר מצוה בהאי עלמא ליכא

(תלמוד בבלי קידושין ל”ט:)

There is no reward for Mitzvoth in this world

(Talmud Bavli, Tractate Kiddushin 39b)

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


90 cm. x 80 cm.

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