A person must direct his thoughts towards the purpose of all matters that he is involved in; that is, the final goal towards which this matter is directed and to where it ultimately leads. For every matter in this world is revealed and established through time and progression and the end result is not apparent at the outset; rather through devoting one’s understanding towards fathoming the end result of all matters, one will come to understand them and thus understand the path that he is taking in all the movements and progressions of his life. Only in this way does he stand a chance of ending up in a place which is desirable to him. One does not arrive at a worthy goal by chance, only through consideration, because, as had been said, the end of the path is hidden from the man at the outset.

This is true of every small and large matter and a wise person will look into all the paths that he walks. In general a person must strive to know the large avenues of life; what is his purpose in being born and what is his purpose in living, where is life leading and what he can achieve. This all involves great study, for, as said, only with study can one hope to find that which is very hidden.

In general, the world is headed towards a great conclusion, an end of suffering and death…those who know of this, strive to see that it should come to be, each one according to his understanding.


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