In the direction which a person desires to direct himself, there he is led. thus we are taught. thus is the truth. it stands to reason; to the degree that one desires to be led in the direction that he desires, to that degree he is led there, more quickly, less quickly; it all depends on the person’s will. All the teachings of our holy sages have the potential to wake us up spiritually, that is; to cause  us to see our true spiritual power to better our lot in any and in every way that we need. It all depends upon us, on our desire to be awakened, our our desire to overcome our slumber and lack of understanding, If we want to succeed, we can, and we need only to listen to the Torah, to the teachings that our holy sages have taught us.

featured image:

יהי רצון על הדלקת נר שבת

Tefilla over the lighting of Shabbes candles

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


115 cm. x 165 cm.

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