One puts a frame around and draws within. This is focusing one’s attention. As one must focus his attention in order to serve Hashem, Yisborach; for example: to look at the good in a person or in a situation, to block out the bad from one’s attention and to focus only on the good. This is what one does when when puts a frame and draws within. That which is outside the frame is outside of one’s attention, One says: it doesn’t exist for me; I don’t deal with it or think of it at all. Only that which is within the frame, this is in the world for me. By continuing to practice this behavior the bad actually begins to cease to exist until one can vanquish it altogether. For what we focus on, what we occupy our minds and hearts with, this alone is what is created above.

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ראוי שירגיש צרת יחיד, מכל שכן צרת רבים חס ושלום-בלב

You should be able to feel another’s troubles in your own heart. This is especially true when it is a community that is suffering.

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


30 cm.x 130 cm.

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