One who looks at one of my art pieces should read the following message in them: the entire creation is replete with awesome meaning, the depth and complexity of wisdom that resides in any place that one would chance to look upon should capture one’s attention and interest and spur inquisitive investigation. Yet, the true meaning remains enigmatic; that is, one should see in my art pieces, also, that the rich meaning that is found in every place, a true understanding of that meaning is far from being attained. As visual art, these pieces speak about the visual aspect of the world, that which we encounter with our eyes; and the pieces speak: see this awesome world, how deep and beautiful it is, how interconnected and harmonious are all it’s components, see how the creation is absolutely full with this meaning, with the glory of it’s Creator, such that it is impossible to find anything at all that is lacking any of all the above.  With all this, the work shouts also: you haven’t yet understood this meaning. For the meaning does not lie in the world, and these artworks pronounce this: in all that you see, you cannot find it’s truth in this vision before you. The truth lies only with the Creator and can only be found by us in his Torah. Toil in the Torah and you will find the way to look at the world and understand it’s wisdom correctly. To the degree that you do this, and only to the degree that you do this you will see. Otherwise you will only see mistaken illusions.

If one looks at my pictures for the sake of seeking what is truly in them he will see that he must learn more Torah and when he learns he will see more in the pictures.

featured image:

מה אהבתי תורתך כל היום היא שיחתי

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


70 cm. x 90 cm.

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