It seems right to say that the essential theme of all my artwork is my happiness with the creative powers given to me by the Creator, blessed is He, and that He merited me to be a Jew, of His beloved nation, and that I should have a portion in His Holy Torah which enables me to be elevated above all base things and thus to use my creative powers for good alone. To be able to create visual constructs (called art) which flow from contemplation of the service of Hashem; the use of the hand in unison with the working of the mind and heart to discern and separate good and fit desires from bad and worthless matters; to be able to direct my thought and the ensuing work of my hands towards the pure, by the means of the Torah which I have been taught, and which can be drawn upon constantly by the will of the heart, and the creation of new forms, Chidushei Torah, simultaneously in the heart and in the art, this is a very deep level of happiness and satisfaction. The content is in the work to be seen.

featured image;

pencil on paper 42 cm. x 29.7 cm.

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