It seems to me, in all honesty, that without a doubt, there never was a chidush like this in the world—that I take the most sublime and hidden aspects of the Torah: the Kaballah; and channel through my thought and heart and into my hands and express these Divine constructs in the most simple human expressions that a child of one or two or even younger expresses; in lines and shapes and movements on a page, etc. (and even though the artistic forms and structures become more sophisticated in these “artworks” of mine—these more sophisticated forms and arrangements, it seems, relate to more external and mundane aspects of my thought; but the most sublime thinking truly is expressed with nearly no sophistication. This fact (this last point) is understandable and can be explicated, b”h, at some point).

And even though there are probably others who have done or are doing what I am doing, yet I doubt that anyone has done it to the extent that I have done this, for it seems that my whole life, of some fifty-four years till today, revolves around (the development of) this work.

I write these works not out of any ga’avah, rather out of “survival”, for this work is wrought up with very much, almost constant, mesirat nefesh.

featured image:

pencil on paper 29.7 cm x 42 cm.

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