One of the foundation stones of my artistic endeavors is based on the knowledge that the Torah is Divine Wisdom and perfect absolute intelligence, and upon the contention that, therefore, one who would behave according to intelligence alone, will surely come to reach and fulfill the Torah even if he had no exposure to it from tradition. Thus to create artworks based upon intelligent choices alone; that is, by the rejection of illusionary thoughts and impulses, and the continual and consistent and persistent will to direct and subject every move and bring every structure and created image and form within the boundaries of true intelligence, with the motivation to continually refine one’s intelligence and knowledge, this will lead to creation of art works that are joined with Torah and the Divine. For the creation is one whole and it is energized by the light of Hashem alone which unites it. When each element is seen in its proper place the true unity of existence is seen and revealed (and achieved). Thus art is elevated to Torah as a maidservant submits herself and serves her mistress.

featured image:

digital image: Geula 14zh

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