An artist is often so deeply involved in himself and in bringing forth his expressions for which he has dedicated his entire life and being; such that, as far as the sale of his works goes, this may not occupy his attention almost at all; and if it does, it does namely in the aspect of supporting himself from his work.

The truth, however, it seems to me, is that an art work is necessarily a meeting of two full worlds–that of the artist and that of the purchaser/viewer. The owner of an art work has also labored his entire life and being to come to where and who he is, to where he appreciates greatly the art piece, and values it to the extent that he wishes to put out his hard-earned money for it’s purchase. His purchase is actually the completion of the art work, for until it has found it’s home in the world, what is it? A beautiful view in the wilderness that no human ever sees–can it truly be called a beautiful view? Thus an artwork is a binding of two worlds, and this is it’s purpose.

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