It seems to me now that art is a matter of a reflection of the world, as I wrote in another place* (*the matter being that from the difficulty which was with me now for many years: how can art which is a false image, that is, every picture is built upon deception to the eye, how can such be a basis for Torat emet? And I answered that I found an example of such already in the natural creation, that is: reflection, the image seen in water or in a mirror. If so, art is not worse than that. This still needs investigation.) like one’s image seen in a puddle or a mirror.

And therefore the greatest benefit is to make imaginary pictures, that do not reflect images of this world, rather inner pictures( images of inner experience) which are structures or organizations of thoughts and feelings, which is a truer portrait of “reality”.

Otiot in pictures are images closest to the source of creation, the source of all revelation of Hashem. Pictures of this world, in contrast, are the furthest extent from His emanation; as such they actually have potential for greater revelation, according to the principle; the greater the concealment, the greater the potential for revelation. Nevertheless to succeed in such, that is; to reveal emes in images of this world is extremely difficult, and the failures in such are disastrous and this is the catastrophe of avodah zara, that is; the images remain detached from their true source, for the artist is incapable of elevating correctly through all the levels from such a far distance, his spiritual capabilities are insufficient the connect the lowest with the highest, as this is the province of only the greatest Tzaddikim. Therefore a viewer of these images is unable to connect to the “First Cause”, blessed is He,through them, rather to some intermediate ‘cause’.

But drawing of otiot, one is connected absolutely to the Original Source, blessed is He.

featured image:

ספרי קודש #1

Holy Books #1

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


40 cm. x 60 cm.

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