If one looks at any abstract pattern, for example a rock or a stone wall or a wall of marble and he lets his gaze settle slowly upon what his eye will find to settle upon; if he has trained his mind to become aware of the pictures that are formed naturally and continually in his consciousness always, he will find that images appear in the abstract pattern he is looking at, as he lets his gaze be carried around the pattern, most likely he will see images of people, figures in different ‘attitudes’, different poses, with different characteristics, different gestures, evoking a very particular impression. This impression is actually what he wants to see, what his imagination is desiring to see, and this indicates his spiritual inclination at the moment. If he sees a sensual figure this is because this is his internal inclination (a person is led in the direction he desires.) If he sees pictured before him a spiritual image, such as a man grieving, evoking mercy, or a happy person, this is some indication of an internal disposition. This can be tested for if , for example, he sees a sensual image, and becomes embarrassed of the truth that is reveled to him—that this is what he was looking to see, and he works to correct himself, to waken himself towards worthy aspirations he will see that he will no longer see the undesirable image, and rather can find different images. In this way he can actually enact true changes in his inward, true self. In a similar manner an artist works.

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