There are many important words to be written in regards to the subject of human creativity and its relation to the Creator of all, Blessed is He, but one must foremostly be well established in his outlook and understanding of his purpose in life; at least, the fundamentals of truth must be understood and accepted as the buildings blocks of reality. That is, one must understand his free will, that he chooses and creates his own reality, and he must understand that his purpose is not ultimately in this world. In other words he understands that he is headed towards a goal and that it is to his benefit to utilize with alacrity and zeal his every means to reach his goal in the best possible way.
The Creator and Supervisor of all life is available to help a person to the upmost extent. In order to elicit this help from Him one needs only the least preparation. In a person’s heart are planted many desires, including Holy desires; that is, one’s heart is also filled with a will to serve the Creator with a perfect purity. As well, there are less pure desires, including his concern for his ultimate future in the world to come as well as his well being in this world, the well being of his family and friends, of the entire Jewish people, of the entire world and creation. (Below this, there are all the descending levels of pure and then impure desires, to the very bottom.)
Since a person, in truth, has no ability to reach any of these goals without Divine assistance, therefore the Creator gave us a tool by which to elicit his constant help: that being tefilla. Tefilla is principally a matter of expressing the desires of one’s heart towards the Creator. This simple act is the true beginning of life for a human being. One who calls out to the Source of his life is one who has awakened to reality. One who does not regard these holy desires in his heart, and does not search for a way to express them to the Master of his life is someone who has not yet awoken from the deep slumber that he perceives as life.
Tefilla is creative process. Living is a creative process.



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וישכב (יעקב) במקום הוא, ויחלום והנה סלם מצב ארצה וראשו מגיע השמימה

 (בראשית כ”ח:י”א-י”ב)

And Ya’akov slept in that place. And he dreamed and behold a ladder erect on the ground and its head reaching to the heaven   

Oil on canvas

ציור שמן על קנבס


65 cm. x 55 cm.

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