Everyone is an artist. All that one does, says and thinks are all precisely etched on great canvases in Heaven. As it says in the Mishnah: Rebbe said:… Know what is above you, an eye that sees , and an ear that hears, and all your deeds are written in a book. (Avos 2:1) It seems to me to explain: an eye that sees: one’s thoughts; for the Eye Above sees what man cannot see, and further, if one would interpret ‘sees one’s actions’, behold, ‘and all his deeds are written’ refers to one’s actions. An ear that hears: one’s speech, and his actions, all are faithfully recorded. Not a motion or whisper is lost.

Since we are given free choice, therefore we can decide what kind of artworks we wish to create.

Our creations are entirely our own; we are forced by no one nor anything to create anything against our will; free will has been absolutely given over to us. (This does not mean that we can do absolutely anything; it means we can do anything a human can do.) Thus, when we visit the exhibit of all our artworks at the time we stand before Hashem in judgement, we will not then claim that any part of any of our works was created by another; we are complete masters of our fate. Fortunate is one who understands this while he still holds the brush in his hand, in this world; where he can ‘touch up’ his older works and make them shine with life in all their glory, and who can still create masterpieces in his days he has left. Unfortunate is the one who gets there without knowing previously of the mess he made, who danced from one disaster to the next without taking into account…

We all create history. Our thoughts, speech, and deeds are history in the making. We are not alone here, despite our absolute free will. All that we do, say, think effects everything else in this world, in all the worlds. These effects, all of them, are equally part of our “masterpieces” that await our viewing at the end of our creating. Blessed is he that gains the knowledge and intelligence to understand the nature of the history he is making while (or better yet, before) he makes it.

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