art as an expression for the search for truth

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The moderns threw off representation saying if we’ll represent it is not just visual. Emotions and thought interpret what we see. Thus Surrealism, Expressionism. And vision itself is not a single plane of vision. Cubism, Impressionism. More than that, closer … Continued

relection of the higher worlds

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Every reflection, for instance the reflection in a mirror , impresses upon the viewer’s soul the existence of another world, of the spiritual worlds, which are the source of this world. Because the soul walks through this world and senses … Continued

the chandelier

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adapted by Gedaliah Fleer from the stories of Rebbe Nachman The Rebbe told: Once there was a young man who travelled through many distant countries in search of a master craftsman from whom he could learn a trade. After a … Continued

Art-making and Providence

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Belief in self. In the process of artwork. That I can recognize the movements of my life. The experiences that I have passed. That is: creating, painting, I call up memories of these moments. Each one as it appears before … Continued

color and spirituality

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Do you consider color an important element in your work? Certainly. It is possible that color is my main vehicle of expression. Color is the language of the heart, and even much deeper than the heart. Strong color is what … Continued

Meaning of my artwork

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Very cool. What is the meaning of the work?   It is practically impossible to explain the meaning of the work in words. As far out as it may sound, I think the true meaning of the work is what … Continued

Change in [my] art[work]

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the following subject is very deep and has numerous facts. I have attempted to elucidate a few of them. I love many of your drawings (color ones). And I am in love with your paintings, the ones I have at … Continued

The Jewish Painter and Avodah Zarah

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A painter comes to realize that there is line and then shape. Line traces the train of thought. Shape is at first a thinking of line until it becomes so broad as to cause the line to be forgotten. For … Continued

mesiras nefesh

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…middle of painting “Aitz Chaim”. It seems that the artwork has become like Torah. Like life as a Jew. Have to bring myself to point where I choose a form of Mesirat Nefesh. In the heart, in the consciousness, there … Continued

in simple

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The essential thing that was created, that is: in the creation of the universe by the Borei, Yisborach, is bechira—free choice of man. The essential avodah of man, the goal to which he must strive, is to return this free … Continued

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