two paths

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There are two directions one can take when he sets out to make a picture. 1: he can compose something nice looking. As one would arrange oneself in front of the mirror, to appear acceptable, nice, etc. to the world, … Continued

kaballah and art

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1 The only thing that is important is emes. If emes be the hardest thing to truly find, nevertheless only emes matters, only emes is worth striving for. The kaballah, being the innermost aspect of the Holy Torah, is the … Continued

true wisdom

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The study of the Torah affords the Jew with the opportunity to awaken himself to the aquisition of true wisdom. If one has been involved in secular wisdom, he may, at first, and even for an extended period of time, think … Continued

coming to know one’s spiritual wealth

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  I have come to this world in order to show people, particularly Jewish people, the spiritual wealth that they possess. But in order for one to receive from me, he or she must activate their innate desire for spritual … Continued

one’s deepest desire

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  Every person’s deepest desire is truly only to do Hashem’s will faithfully and fully and to serve Him faultlessly. One really wishes to see Hashem’s goodness in everything and in everyone. To connect oneself with this desire and to … Continued

reflecting on the past

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“Man prepares his heart and Hashem gives him a language to speak in” (see Proverbs 16:1). The shape of one’s life is formed and characterized by the language in which he speaks. One’s speech reveals his thoughts, one’s thoughts are … Continued

Power of the true tzaddik

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  Someone attached truly to the Rebbe, z”l, (Rabenu HaKodosh, Nachal Noveya, Makor Chachmah, Rebbe Nachman Of Breslov, of blessed memory, may his merit gaurd us) is able to live a full emotional life, a life as a fully feeling human … Continued

moment of reflection

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  It seems that all my art can be described as extending from the moment of reflection that is fitting to take from time to time admidst learning of the Torah. Moments of reflection to summarize in one’s thoughts what … Continued

geula 5bc

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  A person must direct his thoughts towards the purpose of all matters that he is involved in; that is, the final goal towards which this matter is directed and to where it ultimately leads. For every matter in this … Continued

Escaping from Darkness

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The ten plagues in Mitzriam were not simply a matter of punishing the Mitzriim and bringing them to release the Jews. This is evidenced by the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. And clearly in a possuk: the purpose of the plagues: … Continued

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